Mission and values

Mission and values

As our world develops, the need for better and more reliable data communications will grow. Our ambition is to provide the world’s best industrial networks. Cyber security for industrial networks will become more and more important along with the ability of the network to recover from interruptions. At Westermo we have a wealth of experience in industrial communications applications. This is built in to our own products backed by our professional and skilled teams in research and development and production that will enable this vision.

Westermo core product values

  • Leading environmental robustness
  • Industry leading reliability and quality
  • Resilient solutions
  • Industrial cyber security
  • Extensive application and support capability

Westermo culture

Our desire to make it easy for the customer comes from our committed people who develop easy to use interfaces, ensure the highest quality products are delivered on time and help to guide our customers to the right solution. Westermo makes it a point to be true to specification and deliver the right products to our customers to make their lives as easy as possible. As well as this our people get great satisfaction from the belief that what they deliver really contributes to the society we live in.

Professional high tech engineering

  • Committed people
  • A real contribution to society
  • True to specification
  • Long term partnerships

Our ambition:

"We are devoted to delivering the best industrial networks"

Maailman parhaat teollisuusverkot

Tietoliikenneverkot ovat muodostuneet kriittisen tärkeiksi päivittäisessä elämässämme. Lähes jokainen palvelu ja järjestelmä, johon luotamme tukeutuu jonkinlaiseen verkkosovellukseen. Koska järjestelmät ovat kehittyneet ja niiden koko ja monimutkaisuus kasvaneet, katkoksia pidetään usein käytännössä väistämättöminä. Westermolla emme usko, tilanteen pitää olla niin.  Olemme sitoutuneet tarjoamaan luotettavia ja vankkoja ratkaisuja, jotka maksimoivat verkon saatavuuden myös haastavimmille ja äärimmäisissä olosuhteissa sijaitseville toiminnoille.

Brett Wright

Sales, Westermo US

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