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Pitkäaikainen sitoutuminen teknologiajohtajuuteen

Westermo on sitoutunut kehittämään omia teollisia tietoliikenneratkaisujaan ja siten investoimaan merkittäviä resursseja tutkimus- ja kehitysosastoon. Viime vuonna yli 14% liikevaihdosta sijoitettiin (R&D) tutkimus- ja kehitystoimintaan, jonka ansiosta voimme luoda vahvoja suhteita johtavien siruvalmistajien kanssa ja jatkaa markkinoiden johtavan kytkin-käyttöjärjestelmän WeOS-kehitystä. 

Koska luotettavuudella on keskeinen merkitys avainmarkkinoillamme,  mittavaa validointia on tehostettu huomattavasti. WeOS:n toimintaa testataan automaattisesti vuorokauden ympäri ja lisäksi regressiotesteillä varmistaaksemme yhteensopivuuden vanhempien Westermo-alustojen kanssa.

WeOS quality assurance

Westermo’s software testing strategy is vital in ensuring that Westermo can deliver the best and most reliable software for our products. Our dedicated team is committed to deliver the world’s most robust networks and this ambition is attracting attention from industrial companies and organizations from around the world. Westermo in taking the lead in software quality assurance for industrial network solutions.

Test framework minimizes the risk of software failure

Per Strandberg and Petra Wernkvist.  

Having a range of networking devices powered by the same software, WeOS, and unique testing processes developed and performed at the company’s testing facilities in Sweden gives Westermo a major advantage over other manufacturers.

This has allowed Westermo to create a specific test framework for WeOS, which enables all resources to be concentrated on that software. The test framework has been developed over many years and is now in daily operation within Westermo's software testing laboratory. When features and functionality is added to the WeOS software, new automated tests are developed and these are executed every day, resulting in millions of completed tests.

The extensive software testing processes have been developed to identify any possible quality issues, which will reduce the risk to absolute minimum ofreleasing software with any quality issues to the market.

Test framework example

To achieve maximum authenticity, all tests are performed on the final product configured as it would if it was installed in a real a customer application.

For example, a test of a firewall may consist of three products. The outside node (router 1) trying to communicate through the firewall, the firewall node (router 2) blocking thecommunication, and the inside node (router 3) which is being protected. The test framework will first configure the nodesand then hand over control to the test case for execution.

In this test case there might be 4 steps: 

Test framework illustration.

  • Ensure that the outside can reach the inside
  • Configure the firewall rules
  • Ensure that the outside no longer reaches the inside
  • Clean up used resources and terminate gracefully

Jennifer Mooney-Perrotta

Customer service, Westermo North America

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