High-speed communication networks on-board rail vehicles


Westermo provides an extensive range of network devices that can be used to create reliable solutions for many different applications such as Wi-Fi access points, observation and surveillance cameras, multimedia displays, network video recorders, online timetable information, diagnostic data and much more. The very compact Viper series of Ethernet train switches provides up to 20 ports with or without PoE and up to 5 gigabit ports. The versatility of the Viper series and the ability to process high amounts of data traffic solves the growing need for network capacity.

Viper - More ports, less cabling and greater capacity

The Viper family is a range of compact, rugged and reliable EN50155 approved Ethernet train switches developed to meet the growing demand for reliable on-board railway communications.

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Compact and reliable EN 50155 Ethernet switches

To meet the growing demand for reliable onboard railway communications networks, Westermo has introduced a new generation of industrial Ethernet switches that provide highly robust networks and long term field operation. Specifically designed for onboard applications the EN50155 approved Ethernet train switches deliver a complete solution for onboard control systems, including improved levels of reliability and simplified network design, installation and maintenance.

Product overview

Garrett Riley

Train and trackside networks sales engineer

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