Engineer using network configuration tool on laptop.

Software tools simplify data network configuration

14 syyskuuta, 2020

As industrial networks expand in size and complexity, the need for easy, fast and secure configuration increases. Westermo's Alan Bollard explains how software tools simplify network management. 

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WeConfig NCM 1.12 released.

A new version of WeConfig has been released

14 syyskuuta, 2020

WeConfig 1.12 adds support for more devices and improves on interoperability with WeOS.

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Westermo Ibex-RT-330 and Ibex-RT-630.

Westermo adds LTE routers to Ibex range of wireless networking solutions for rail industry

30 kesäkuuta, 2020

Introducing two new LTE routers to our Ibex range of wireless solutions for reliable and secure data communications within rail applications.

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Jennifer Mooney-Perrotta

Customer service, Westermo North America

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